FACT CHECK: Judge Jackson Has Less Than 2% Case Reversal Rate

Republicans like Ronna McDaniel really want to lie to America about Ketanji Brown Jackson and her qualifications — but their lies fall flat when exposed.

Of 562 district court decisions in her esteemed record, Judge Jackson has had less than two percent reversed:

Steve Vladeck: ”The @NRO claims that Judge Jackson ‘has a discouraging record of her decisions being reversed.’ 

The data is to the contrary. In her 2021 Senate Judiciary Questionnaire, she listed 11/562 district court rulings that were reversed = 1.96%:


That’s … low.”

Judge Jackson is eminently qualified, with more judicial experience than four current justices had when they were nominated:

Steve Vladeck: “Judge Jackson has 8.9 years of prior judicial experience. That’s more than four current Justices (Thomas, Roberts, Kagan, & Barrett) had *combined.*

It’s also more than 4 of the last 10 Justices had at their confirmations; 9 of the last 17; and 43 of the 58 appointed since 1900:”