FACT CHECK: McConnell’s Campaign Chief Wants to Raise Taxes on Half of Americans

If we didn’t know better, we might say that Mitch McConnell’s desperation is starting to show, as today he took to the Senate floor to lie and try to distract from his own party’s toxic economic agenda. Not only do Republicans have no plan to combat inflation, but McConnell’s own leadership team is pushing a plan that could raise taxes on HALF of Americans, including seniors, retirees, and the middle-class.

Rick Scott – a member of McConnell’s leadership team and the man in charge of Senate Republicans’ campaign arm – literally put his plan to raise taxes on half of Americans and sunset Social Security and Medicare in writing. 

Washington Post: “New tax plan from leading GOP senator would require all Americans to pay federal income taxes”

Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy: “An analysis of Sen. Rick Scott’s proposal to increase federal income taxes finds that the lowest-income 40 percent of households would bear the brunt of the increase and pay an average of $1,000 more in taxes each year” 

Washington Post: “But during the seven weeks of turmoil since Scott dropped a provocative conservative policy bomb on an unsuspecting party — a plan that called for tax increases and expiration dates for all federal laws, including those establishing Social Security and Medicare — he has not once expressed regret. Instead, the former hospital chain CEO and two-term governor, the richest man in the Senate, argues that he owes his detractors nothing.”

Not to mention, the National Republican Senatorial Committee went on the record to defend Scott’s plan to raise taxes on millions of middle- and working-class families. 

Politico: “Chris Hartline, Scott’s spokesperson, reiterated the senator’s point that he released the proposal in his personal capacity because he believes voters want to see a policy plan from Republicans to run on. Like Scott, Hartline contended that the tax plank would encourage people who are able-bodied to seek work. He argued that sunsetting programs and requiring reauthorization by Congress is ‘common sense’ policy.”

And Rick Scott isn’t alone – multiple members of McConnell’s own caucus have come out in support Scott’s toxic economic plan. 

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel “Republicans like Senator @ScottforFlorida have real solutions to put us back on track.”

UpNorth News: “Ron Johnson says GOP plan to raise taxes, eliminate social security ‘a positive thing’”

Senator Mike Braun: “Independents are the individuals that elect the swing-state senators and the president, and I think they want something other than no or I’m not interested…I’m glad Rick did it. Nothing is going to be perfect…we’ve got to be for something.”

Senator Marco Rubio: “I think it’s good that people offer ideas.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville: “On board” with Scott’s blueprint 

Joni Ernst: “I think every Republican, as we step forward, will determine what is in the best interest for their own party dynamics within their states and defending what we believe to be true, liberty, freedom, you name it, that’s what we are for.”

Meanwhile, President Biden is fighting to lower costs for hardworking families and ensure billionaires and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share. 

CNBC: “President Joe Biden to propose new 20% minimum billionaire tax”

New York Times: “The White House’s budget also calls for other tax increases on the rich. It would raise the top individual income tax rate to 39.6 percent from 37 percent, reversing the 2017 tax cut ushered in by President Donald J. Trump.”