Fact Check: Mexico Is Not Paying For The Wall

No, Mexico is not paying for Trump’s border wall, American taxpayers are — with money Trump stole from the military.

Trump declared a national emergency to divert billions in federal funding for military projects and counternarcotic programs toward construction of his border wall.

New York Times: “The Pentagon will delay or suspend 127 military construction projects so that $3.6 billion can be diverted to shore up President Trump’s border wall, Defense Department officials said Tuesday.”

Trump’s move presented a threat to U.S. national security.

The Independent: “US faces ‘unacceptable risk’ of exploding planes and crumbling buildings if Trump border wall funds not replaced, Pentagon warns”

The White House has admitted that Mexico is not paying for the border wall.

US News: “Kelly Says Trump Knows Mexico Won’t Pay for a Wall”

CNN: “US taxpayers will foot the bill for a border wall, White House strategic communications director Mercedes Schlapp acknowledged in an interview on Wednesday.”