FACT CHECK: NRSC Talking Points Poorly Spin Republicans’ Decades-Long War on Abortion Rights

Republicans have a problem with their extremism and they know it. Yesterday, the National Republican Senatorial Committee sent out talking points shamelessly trying to muddy the waters and distract from their wildly out-of-touch and extreme MAGA agenda. Unsurprisingly, the memo is riddled with blatant lies as Republicans try to shy away from the all-out war they’ve waged on reproductive health care. 

LIE #1: “Joe Biden and the Democrats have extreme and radical views on abortion that are outside of the mainstream of most Americans.”

FACT: A sizable majority of Americans agree that Roe should be upheld.

Washington Post: “Majority of Americans say Supreme Court should uphold Roe, Post-ABC poll finds”

LIE #2: “Republicans DO NOT want to throw doctors and women in jail.”

FACT: Under many of the Republican laws currently on the books, performing an abortion would be punishable by serious jail time.

Daily Beast’s Scott Bixby: “Under many of the trigger laws currently on the books, performing an abortion would be a felony punishable by serious jail time and six-figure fines.”

LIE #3: “Republicans DO NOT want to take away contraception.”

FACT: Republicans have repeatedly attacked access to contraception.

ABC News: “Supreme Court allows Trump to exempt employers from Obamacare birth control mandate”

Tennessean: “Sen. Marsha Blackburn criticizes 1965 Supreme Court ruling on birth control access”

The Kansas City Star: “Missouri GOP likely to include ban on birth control coverage in Medicaid tax compromise”