This morning, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his office proudly touted a memo grossly gaslighting America about Republicans’ national sustained effort to make it harder to vote. From Republican legislators jamming restrictive voting laws through deeply partisan state legislatures to top Republican leaders echoing Donald Trump’s Big Lie, all in a desperate attempt to cling on to power, it’s clear Mitch McConnell is trying to hoodwink America about what’s at stake.

Make no mistake about it, Democrats are raising the alarm and fighting back against Republicans’ anti-voter legislation. But McConnell’s claim that fears are unfounded is rooted in an alternate reality where Republicans aren’t imposing restrictions every chance they get.

  • NBC News: “So far, Republican legislators in four states — Arizona, Missouri, New Hampshire and South Carolina — have prefiled at least 13 bills that the organization says would make it harder to vote. Nine other states will carry over 88 restrictive bills from the last legislative session. Legislators in five states — Florida, Missouri, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Tennessee — have also filed six bills to initiate or allow partisan ballot reviews.”
  • New York Times: “The Republican drive, motivated in part by a widespread denial of former President Donald J. Trump’s defeat last year, includes both voting restrictions and measures that could sow public confusion or undermine confidence in fair elections, and will significantly raise the stakes of the 2022 midterms.”
  • NPR: “Sweeping new voting restrictions are now law in Texas — a state that already had some of the most restrictive election rules in the country. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed the measure into law on Tuesday.” 
  • New York Times: “Republicans Block a Second Voting Rights Bill in the Senate”
  • WUWM: “This legislative cycle, Republicans around the country have proposed hundreds of bills that would restrict access to voting, taking aim at issues like absentee voting, voter registration and disability access. Wisconsin Republicans are part of that trend, releasing their plans as well.”