Fact Check: Sessions and Kislyak


Jeff Sessions just said he was “just an interested person” when he met with Kislyak in April.  That’s not true.  See below:

At the time of Trump’s April 2016 speech, Sessions was already serving as Chairman of Trump’s national security advisory committee.


“Donald Trump has named Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions the chairman of his national security advisory committee, the Republican frontrunner’s campaign announced Thursday evening.  Sessions, who became the first senator to endorse Trump earlier this week, will advise the candidate on matters of foreign policy and national security.  ‘We need to understand the limits of our ability to intervene successfully in other nations,’ said Sessions, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, in a statement. ‘It is time for a healthy dose of foreign policy realism. In the Middle East, this means forming partnerships based on shared interests, not merely overthrowing regimes in the dangerous attempt to plant democracies.’”