FACT CHECK: The GOP is STILL the Party of Climate Deniers

Let’s get one thing straight – no amount of spin from Kevin McCarthy and his merry band of ultra-MAGA extremists can change the fact that the Republican Party has spent decades denying the climate crisis. 

Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans’ “plan” is little more than a political ploy to distract from the extremism that runs rampant in their caucus, and it would do little – if anything – to actually address the climate crisis. 

Politico: “The report, however, is also notable in what it does not include. House Republicans continue to resist setting a specific emissions reduction target. They oppose policies to reduce fossil fuel use, including regulations, taxes, or mandates. And Graves said House Republicans, unlike at least some GOP counterparts in the Senate, are skeptical of the government extending and expanding clean energy tax credits that the renewable industry says are critical to helping them deploy zero-carbon power at the scale needed to address climate change.”

Washington Post: “Republicans have historically opposed measures to tackle climate change, and the de facto leader of the party, former president Donald Trump, has mocked the scientific consensus on global warming. It is unclear whether the GOP plans would, in fact, reduce carbon emissions, or if they instead largely amount to an attempt to deflect political blame over Republicans’ long-standing opposition to addressing catastrophic global warming.”

Not to mention, Republican lawmakers have spent decades denying the climate crisis and doing everything in their power to stop climate action.

CNN: “GOP Sen. Ron Johnson mouths to GOP luncheon that climate change is ‘bullsh*t’”

New York Times: “How an Organized Republican Effort Punishes Companies for Climate Action”

MSNBC: “Confronted with evidence of a climate crisis, Republicans shrug”

CNN: “But those same Republicans are also running smack dab into a familiar obstacle: former President Donald Trump, their de facto party leader and a potential 2024 presidential candidate who is still firmly in the denial camp.”

Center for American Progress: “According to new analysis from the Center for American Progress, there are still 139 elected officials in the 117th Congress, including 109 representatives and 30 senators, who refuse to acknowledge the scientific evidence of human-caused climate change.”