Fact Check: Trump’s Accomplishments For Veterans Are A Farce

Trump just claimed that he passed the Veterans Choice Program. For the millionth time, that program was created in 2014 under President Obama, not Trump. But that’s not the only accomplishment for veterans that he falsely claims credit for.

Trump takes credit for veterans programs that began under President Obama, including Veterans Choice.

New York Times Fact Check: “The Veterans Choice Program was created in 2014 — not under Mr. Trump — after the scandal of hidden waiting lists at Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals… In June, Mr. Trump signed a law that reformed and consolidated Veterans Choice and other existing programs into a single Veterans Community Care Program.”

AP FACT CHECK: “Trump takes credit for Obama’s gains for vets”

Trump botched the rollout of the VA Mission Act.

New York Times: “Finally, a $16 billion overhaul of the veterans medical records system has been delayed amid technical and training glitches.”

The VA has failed to hold responsible high-ranking officials for abuses at the agency and its whistleblowers were retaliated against.

Washington Post: “Trump’s heralded whistleblower office at VA is failing in its most basic mission, watchdog says”