FACT CHECK: Trump’s Latest Campaign Ad

Last night, the Trump campaign released a new television ad. Unsurprisingly, it’s all over the place. Here’s the truth about its misleading claims:

CLAIM: Trump created 6 million new jobs.

✔️THE TRUTH: That’s a million fewer jobs than President Obama created during the equivalent time period. In fact, this year is on track to be the worst year for job creation since the Great Recession.

CLAIM: Trump created 500,000 new manufacturing jobs.

✔️THE TRUTH: The manufacturing industry has entered a recession and lost 2,000 jobs last month. The manufacturing sector now makes up the smallest share of the economy in 72 years. 

CLAIM: Trump cut illegal immigration in half.

✔️THE TRUTH: Southwest border crossings have increased every year since Trump came into office.

CLAIM: Trump obliterated ISIS and destroyed their caliphate.

✔️THE TRUTH: ISIS remains a lethal force. After Trump’s abrupt Syria withdrawal, hundreds of ISIS prisoners escaped from Syrian prison camps, giving ISIS a new lease on life.

CLAIM: Trump deserves credit for the death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi.

✔️THE TRUTH: Our military’s success killing al-Baghdadi was assisted by Kurdish forces who Trump abandoned, and his abrupt withdrawal jeopardized planning for the raid.

CLAIM: The Democrats would rather focus on impeachment and phony investigations over the real issues.

✔️THE TRUTH: House Democrats have passed more than 200 bills, including legislation to make health care more affordable, lower drug prices, raise wages, and expand background checks. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans refuse to vote on them.

CLAIM: Trump’s no Mr. nice guy.

✔️THE TRUTH: They can have this one.