FACT: Everyday Americans Have Been Left Out Of Trump’s Economy

Trump’s economy only works for the extremely wealthy and rich corporations. Everyday people have been left out, including the workers Trump promised to help but has since forgotten.

Most Americans say Trump’s economy isn’t helping them and is actually hurting the middle class.

  • 58% of Americans say Trump’s economy is hurting the middle class, while 69% say it’s helping the wealthy.
  • Less than one-third of Americans say they are being helped by Trump’s economy, while nearly half say they are being hurt.

Most Americans don’t expect the economy to improve over the next year. In fact, 80% expect it to get worse.

  • Only 20% of Americans think the economy will be better a year from now, while 80% think it will be the same or worse.

Americans worry each and every day about how they’ll pay their bills and keep up with rising health care costs.

  • 65% of lower-income Americans, and over one-third of middle-income Americans, say they worry almost daily about paying their bills.
  • 55% of lower-income Americans say they frequently worry about the cost of heatlh care.

The cost of living continues to increase, and workers wages can’t keep up. 

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: “The change in real average hourly earnings combined with a 0.6-percent decrease in the average workweek resulted in essentially no change in real average weekly earnings over this period.”

Trump has forgotten about the workers he promised to help.  

  • FACTORY JOBS ARE DISAPPEARING: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin lost more than 16,000 factory jobs last year alone.
  • MANUFACTURING EMPLOYMENT IS FALLING: “Nor was there any evidence in the figures released Friday of the ‘blue-collar boom’ that Mr. Trump cited in his State of the Union address on Wednesday. Manufacturers cut 12,000 jobs, with most of the losses coming among automakers, and employment also dipped in the mining sector.”