Far-Right Extremists Run Kevin McCarthy’s Caucus

Has there ever been a more spineless leader than Kevin McCarthy? According to this morning’s Punchbowl News, the answer is a resounding no. The fact is that Kevin McCarthy is so desperate to cling on to power he’s fully surrendered control of his clown show of a caucus to extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn. 

But who can blame poor Kevin? He hasn’t had to work this hard since he was sorting Starbursts for Trump. 

It’s clear Kevin McCarthy has fully surrendered control to the most extreme elements of his caucus.

New York Magazine: “As Speaker, Kevin McCarthy May Let GOP Extremists Run the House”

Axios: “McCarthy has cautiously avoided taking action against his right-wing members when they’ve stoked controversy.”

Daily Beast: “Kevin McCarthy’s Strategy to Rein In GOP Extremists: Don’t”

Axios: “Kevin McCarthy’s recent showdown with Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) has revealed the House minority leader’s clear red line in punishing members: whether the entire conference — especially those on the far-right — has his back.”

New York Magazine: “And McCarthy is letting it be known that he won’t offer any profiles in courage as House Speaker, unless he has plenty of votes to spare.”

Even as Russia indiscriminately bombs Ukraine, McCarthy can’t even get his members to vote to support NATO or investigate Russia for war crimes. 

Manu Raju, CNN: “63 Rs voted NO on a non-binding resolution reaffirming ‘unequivocal support for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as an alliance founded on democratic principles’ and calling on Biden to push to establish a ‘center for democratic resilience’ at NATO.”

The Hill: “Here are the six Republicans who voted against investigating Russia for war crimes”

Similarly, McCarthy doesn’t have the backbone to hold his members accountable for attending white nationalist rallies, insulting our allies, standing shoulder to shoulder with Putin, and spreading rumors about their colleagues. 

CNN’s Melanie Zanona: “And for those keeping track at home, here are some of the things McCarthy has had to talk to his members about: orgy allegations, white nationalist conferences, jewish space lasers, and depictions of anime violence against Dems, to name a few.”

USA Today: “Kevin McCarthy said if Republicans retake House, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar may get ‘better’ committee assignments”

Insider: “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy reaffirmed on Wednesday that GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Paul Gosar of Arizona — both of whom recently spoke at a white nationalist conference in Florida — would still be allowed to sit on House committees if Republicans retake the majority. McCarthy previously made the pledge in November, musing at the time that the pair may be given ‘better committee assignments’ than they previously had.”

CNN: “Go back to early 2021, when a series of past incendiary and violent statements made by Greene came to light. McCarthy met with Greene, but took no action to punish her for her actions.”

Newsweek: “Kevin McCarthy Backs Madison Cawthorn Re-Election Despite Zelensky Insult”