Farmers Say Trump’s Trade Policy Is ‘Hurting Everyone’

Last night, Trump celebrated his failed trade policy and told farmers that “if we don’t win, your farms are going to hell.” Well, many farmers would say that they’re already there.

Farm bankruptcies are up 20% last year to the most since 2011, driven by Trump’s failed trade policy.

CNN: “US farm bankruptcies were up 20% in 2019, despite the billions of dollars in aid President Donald Trump has paid to farmers hurt by the trade war with China. That’s the highest level since 2011, following the Great Recession, according to court data analyzed by the American Farm Bureau.”

Farmers across the country are saying that Trump’s failed trade policy has done nothing but hurt them.

“Realistically, it’s hurting everyone and our pocketbooks.” – Wisconsin farmer on Trump’s trade policy

“Tariffs only hurt us. There was no thought process whatsoever. Our labour is stolen, our lives are stolen, our families are broken and it’s all because we have politicians who are absolutely clueless to the reality of farming.” – Wisconsin dairy farmer

“It’s tough enough to get in anyways, then with the tariffs against us, that just makes us tough. I don’t think they made it easier, that’s for sure.” – Iowa farmer

“So there’s still a lot of uncertainty about it.” – Illinois farmer on Trump’s China deal

“The US-China trade war added ‘insult to injury’ during a difficult period for farmers, she says. ‘It was already not great times and not great prices.’ ‘I won’t sugar coat that… We struggled. We struggled with everyone.’” – Wisconsin dairy farmer

“I have taken another job to support my farming habit now. We haul a lot of freight just to pay the bills and keep the lights on.” – Iowa farmer

“A lot of farmers voted for him with the hope of better days, let’s put it that way, and then between the trade issues and the ethanol issues the bloom is of the rose.” – Minnesota farmer