Fauci Repeatedly Contradicts Trump’s Coronavirus Claims

At today’s House Select Coronavirus Committee hearing, Dr. Fauci repeatedly contradicted Trump’s false claims on coronavirus.

Fauci contradicted Trump’s claim that children are immune to coronavirus.

QUESTION: “Are children ‘almost immune’ to the disease?”

[…] FAUCI: “Do children get infected, yes they do.”

Fauci contradicted Trump’s claim that coronavirus will disappear.

QUESTION: “Is Covid-19 going to magically disappear, Dr. Fauci?”

FAUCI: “I do not believe it will disappear.”

Fauci contradicted Trump’s claim that coronavirus was a hoax.

QUESTION: “Is Covid-19 a hoax?”

FAUCI: “No.”

Fauci contradicted Trump’s recommendation to inject bleach as a cure.

QUESTION: “Can people cure themselves of Covid-19 by injecting themselves with disinfectant or bleach?”

FAUCI: “No.”

Fauci contradicted Trump’s repeated pushing of hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment.

FAUCI: “Any and all of the randomized placebo-control trials, which is the gold standard of determining if something is effective, none of them had shown any efficacy of hydroxychloroquine.”