FAUCI: Trump Is ‘Asking For Trouble’ With Potential Superspreader Rallies

As Trump continues to flout public health guidelines and hold crowded in-person rallies even after contracting the coronavirus, Dr. Fauci warns that he is asking for trouble and new cases are surging to record highs in states across the country. Trump’s demonstrating the same failed leadership that led to more Americans dying and the U.S. having the highest coronavirus death rate in the world among developed nations.

Trump bragged about holding crowded in-person rallies as Dr. Fauci warned that he was “asking for trouble.”

New York Times: “Trump Boasts About Crowd’s Size in Florida as Fauci Warns Large Rallies Are ‘Asking for Trouble’”

CNN’s Jake Tapper: “Dr, Fauci tells @TheLeadCNN that the new planned Trump campaign rallies are not a good idea, especially as infection rates are increasing across the country. ‘Now is even a worse time to do that.’”

Trump continued to spread misinformation by claiming again that he is immune to the virus despite there being no conclusive scientific backing.

New York Times: “Onstage at a hangar at the Orlando Sanford International Airport, Mr. Trump, whose voice sounded hoarse and strained as he began, claimed he was fully recovered and therefore immune to the coronavirus — a claim for which there is no conclusive scientific backing.”

Trump joked about flouting coronavirus health guidelines and kissing his supporters as over a dozen states hit record highs in new cases.

Washington Post: “As 17 U.S. states set records for new coronavirus infections on Monday, President Trump said he would give supporters at his Florida campaign rally ‘a big, fat kiss.’ ‘I’ll walk in there, kiss everyone in that audience,’ Trump said, one week after he was released from the hospital where he was being treated for covid-19. ‘I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women.’”

Trump’s failed response led to more Americans dying and the U.S. having the highest death rate in the world among developed nations.

Bloomberg: “U.S. Virus-Death Rate Is World’s Worst Among Developed Nations”

Bloomberg: “But as spring turned to summer, the U.S. largely failed to embrace public-health and policy measures that have helped other countries reduce death rates. If U.S. deaths after May 10 had occurred at the same pace as in Spain, the U.S. mortality rate would be 47% lower, with 93,247 fewer people dying, the report found. More than 100,000 fewer Americans would have died if the U.S. had the same mortality rate as the Netherlands. Sweden’s mortality rate was 22% lower, though it took fewer steps to curb the virus’s spread.”