Fight Far From Over: Iowans Would Suffer Under Senate Health Repeal

While Senate Republicans may have delayed votes on their health care repeal bill, the fight to defeat this disastrous legislation is far from over. This bill is unconscionably cruel and would hurt millions of Americans across the country, including American workers, women, children, older Americans and middle class families, all while the wealthiest Americans cash in from big tax breaks.

Here is a look at a few of the ways the American people will suffer under the Senate bill:

BOTTOM LINE: By kicking 22 million Americans off their health insurance by 2026, the Senate bill would drive the uninsured rate up to 18% and average marketplace premiums will increase by 20% next year, before they ultimately decline as plans get skimpier and out of pocket costs increase.


AMERICAN WORKERS: By next year, 4 million working Americans could lose coverage from their employer, and cuts to Medicaid could threaten jobs at health care facilities.


OLDER AND RURAL AMERICANS: According to the CBO, some older Americans could see their premiumstriple under the Senate bill.


LOW AND MIDDLE-INCOME AMERICANS: 15 million fewer Americans would be covered under Medicaid by 2026 and people who make a little over $42,ooo a year would no longer have their premium payments capped at 9.7% of their income, and many working Americans would not be able to afford it at all.


SICK AMERICANS: According to the CBO, half of Americans live in states that would scale back essential health benefits, which cover common treatments and services like maternity care, prescription drugs and substance abuse treatment.


WOMEN: By defunding Planned Parenthood, the Senate bill would leave 15% of the organization’s patients without access to care and trigger a costly spike in unplanned pregnancies that would ultimately increaseMedicaid spending by $79 million.


CHILDREN: The Senate bill threatens children’s access to vital health services such as immunizations and vision, dental and hearing services.


WEALTHY AMERICANS: The wealthiest Americans would cash in under the Senate bill, with those earning $5 million or more per year getting a tax cut of almost $250,000.