FLASHBACK: Mike Pence Stood By Trump As He Defended White Supremacists

In a shameless display of hypocrisy, Mike Pence yesterday visited the Heather Heyer memorial in Charlottesville, hoping we’d forget how Pence stood by Donald Trump when he defended the white supremacists who marched through the streets spewing bigotry and hate, and who ultimately cut Heyer’s life short. 

Yesterday, Mike Pence visited the Heather Heyer memorial in Charlottesville.

CBS News’s Bob Costa: “Pence visited the Heather Heyer memorial today in Charlottesville. Pence ‘took a moment today to go down and visit the mall where Heather Heyer was slain, and to sign the wall, where it’s a public plaque in honor of her life and memory,’ Marc Short tells @CBSNews.”

But back in 2017, Pence proudly backed Donald Trump as he defended the white supremicists who marched in Charlottesville.

Mike Pence: “I stand with the president, and I stand by those words.”

Politico: “Pence backs Trump’s Charlottesville rhetoric: ‘I stand with the president’”