FLASHBACK: Republicans Said 3.9% Unemployment Was Great News For The Economy

Today’s jobs report shows that under President Biden the unemployment rate dropped to a pandemic-era low – 3.9% to be exact. Considering the praise the defeated former president received from Republicans when unemployment hit 3.9% under his watch, we can’t wait to see their reactions to President Biden delivering the same historic number – along with the largest one-year drop in unemployment in history – during an unprecedented economic recovery, no less. 

And you know, we wouldn’t be calling out Republican hypocrisy if we didn’t have the receipts to back it up. Let’s take a look at the last time Republicans celebrated 3.9% unemployment:

  • Congressman Kevin Brady and the GOP Ways and Means cheered it on as a sign of “an expanding economy.” 
  • Senate Republicans were tripping over themselves with giddiness at 3.9%.
  • Meanwhile, House Republicans touted the 3.9% unemployment rate as a sign of a “booming” economy. 
  • RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel praised 3.9% unemployment as “GREAT news!” We won’t hold our breath waiting for her to celebrate the 6.4 million jobs added last year under Joe Biden (the most in history) and unemployment dropping back down to 3.9%.
  • And it wouldn’t be a day that ends in “y” without Kevin McCarthy relentlessly being exposed as a hypocrite. 
  • Considering the record 6.4 million jobs in a calendar year, unemployment down to 3.9%, it looks like we’re actually better off under President Biden. Who’s going to tell Congressman Steve Scalise? Oh, that’s right, we will. 
  • Congressman Mike Johnson called 3.9% unemployment a “rarely seen” low and a sign of the “healthiest economy we’ve seen in years.”
  • It’s not often you’ll find us agreeing with Republicans but Senator Richard Shelby is right, today’s news of record jobs created in a year and 3.9% unemployment is excellent news.
  • We can’t wait to see how excited Senator James Lankford is considering today’s job news is better than it was under the former Republican president. 
  • Under the former president, Congressman Doug LaMalfa was so thrilled by the 3.9% unemployment he sent it out as an “In Case You Missed It.” We can’t wait to see what he says considering the historic jobs numbers under President Biden. 
  • So glad that Congressman Tom Reed agrees that a 3.9% unemployment rate and a booming economy are things to be celebrated. 
  • We expect Congressman Mike Kelly will be just as “proud to celebrate” this morning’s “great news for our economy” as he was the last time unemployment hit 3.9%.
  • Oh hey, Congressman Ralph Norman! Thanks for the reminder that unemployment is at 3.9%, and it’s all thanks to the leadership of President Biden and Democrats. 
  • According to Congressman Andy Barr, 3.9% unemployment is “good economic news.” We agree.
  • By Congressman Paul Gosar’s own standards, we’re #BetterOffNow under President Biden’s leadership, where unemployment is 3.9%, a record 6.4 million jobs were created last year, and workers are set to receive their biggest wage increases in nearly a decade.
  • Congressman Brian Babin was clearly delighted by the “good news” of a 3.9% unemployment rate in May 2018. He must be eager to thank President Biden and Democrats for the latest jobs numbers.
  • Even the Trump administration called 3.9% unemployment “astonishing.”
Right now, Republicans are cheering against the economic recovery and probably wondering how to take back what they said in 2018 so that we stop exposing them with these releases. They shouldn’t hold their breaths.