FLASHBACK: Trump Tries and Fails to Cover Up Disastrous Jobs Record In Michigan

Donald Trump is returning to Saginaw County today, where he will undoubtedly spread the same falsehoods to hide his disastrous record on auto manufacturing the same way he did the last time he campaigned there. No matter how hard Trump tries, though, it’s clear that Michiganders won’t buy his lies – they saw right through him in 2020, rejecting him at the ballot box, and will hold him accountable again in 2020. 

“Since Donald Trump loves taking credit for things, he should take credit for all of the jobs Michigan’s auto industry lost under his watch. This is the truth: Trump said that the auto industry could ‘go bankrupt’ and attacked workers’ unions as a plant closed and Michiganders lost their jobs,” DNC spokesperson Stephanie Justice said. “Meanwhile, President Biden has brought back tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs to Michigan and continues to invest in American industries and workers. Voters in Saginaw County recognize that Michigan will only lose if Trump gets another term in the White House, and they’ll reject him again in November.”

Time and time again, Trump promised auto workers in Michigan that he would bring back their jobs and open new plants – but the state’s auto industry instead bled jobs, and one plant closed altogether under his watch.

Detroit Free Press: “‘We brought you a lot of car plants, we brought you a lot … and we’re going to bring you a lot more,’ Trump began his speech at MBS International Airport in Freeland.”

FactCheck: As of August, those Michigan jobs stood at 155,800, down 18,400 from the month Trump was inaugurated.”

CNN: “General Motors’ 78-year-old transmission plant in Warren, Michigan is halting production this week.”

Trump constantly antagonized auto workers and their unions, despite the key role they play in creating good-paying jobs for Michigan families.

Washington Post: “‘You could have let it go, and rebuilt itself, through the free enterprise system,’ said Trump. ‘You could have let it go bankrupt, frankly, and rebuilt itself, and a lot of people felt it should happen.’”

The Detroit News: “He told The News on Wednesday that GM and Chrysler could have been saved without government bailouts. ‘I think it would have worked out the other way, too’, Trump said. ‘It would have been a free-market deal.’”

Trump: “If the union bosses and the CEOs refuse to fight back against Crooked Joe Biden by forcing him to repeal this disastrous electric car scheme, then you will know they’re not pro-worker, they’re not on your side. They’ve got some deals going for themselves. And I’m telling you, you shouldn’t pay those dues.

Trump incentivized companies to ship jobs overseas – leaving Michiganders behind.

Bloomberg: “The Offshoring of U.S. Jobs Increased on Trump’s Watch

Reuters: “How offshoring rolled along under Trump, who vowed to stop it”

“Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency four years ago, in part, by a promise to Midwest factory workers that he would stop companies like Schneider Electric SE from moving jobs out of the country. He didn’t stop them.

The Guardian: “’He pulled the wool over our eyes’: workers blame Trump for moving jobs overseas”

“Promises to save US manufacturing and prevent American jobs moving abroad were a key part of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. But since Trump took office in January 2017, nearly 200,000 jobs have been moved overseas, based on Trade Adjustment Assistance certified petitions.