“Four Years Ago, I Made a Mistake:” DNC Launches New Digital Video Featuring Pennsylvania Farmer

Yesterday, the Democratic National Committee released a new digital video featuring Rick Telesz, a dairy and soybean farmer in Pennsylvania who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. In the video, Telesz discusses Trump’s broken promises to farmers and explains why he’s helping turn out voters for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, highlighting the devastating impacts of Trump’s failed trade war with China.

“Four years ago, I made a mistake — yet I still have hope,” said Telesz in the video. “I still have for the future, for the next generation, and generations to come. But, that hope only becomes reality when you as an individual go out and vote. And it doesn’t matter how insignificant you think your vote is — when all those votes are added together, that hope becomes reality, and that reality becomes change for the future.”

The video directs viewers to IWillVote.com — Democrats’ comprehensive voter participation website — to find out more about their voting options and make a plan to vote.