Fourth Round of Tax Cuts Hit Bank Accounts Today Thanks to President Biden and Democrats

Thanks to President Biden and Democrats and no thanks to a single Republican in Congress, American families will receive their fourth tax cut through the Child Tax Credit, putting money in the pockets of millions of families. These tax cuts are making a real difference in the lives of families across the United States: after just two months, they lifted 3.5 million kids out of poverty and led to a 25% decline in food insufficiency among low-income families with children.

Here’s a look at what state party leaders across the country are saying as tax cuts start hitting bank accounts today. 

Arizona Democratic Party: Help is Here Again: More Tax Cuts Delivered to Arizona Families Today 

“I would encourage each and every Arizona Republican who tried to block this tax cut for working families to walk around my community, see how crucial these monthly $250-$300 payments are for hundreds of thousands of families, and end their crusade against everyday Arizonans once and for all.

“This tax cut may not be a big deal to people like David Schweikert or Debbie Lesko, but for most Arizonans, this help from President Biden and Democrats is the difference between making ends meet and coming up short,” said Arizona Democratic Party Chair Raquel Terán.

Florida Democratic Party: Millions Of Florida Families Are Benefiting From A Major Middle Class Tax Cut Marco Rubio Opposed

“Nearly 3.6 million children across Florida are benefitting from these tax cuts, and Marco Rubio’s vote against this measure to lift children out of poverty sends a clear message to Floridians. At a time when working families are counting on their leaders to help them make ends meet, Marco Rubio is more focused on his own political agenda than doing what’s best for Florida,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

Pennsylvania Democratic Party: Pennsylvania Families Receive Their Monthly Tax Cut Today, Thanks To President Biden And Democrats

“Month after month, working families across the commonwealth are reminded that President Biden and Democrats are delivering for them. Thanks to the Child Tax Credit, Pennsylvania families are able to cover child care expenses, keep their children stocked with school supplies, and return to work. This major tax relief for working families is poised to lift millions of children out of poverty here in PA, no thanks to a single Republican in Congress,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Executive Director Jason Henry. 

Democratic Party of Georgia: Millions of Georgia Families Receive Fourth Round of Tax Cuts Today Thanks to President Biden and Democrats

“Today, millions of Georgia families will receive the fourth middle-class tax cut from the Child Tax Credit program thanks to President Joe Biden and Democrats. I’ve seen firsthand how these life changing tax cuts are already making an impact for Georgians who need it most,” Congresswoman Nikema Williams, chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, said. “It is reprehensible that every Georgia Republican — from Brian Kemp to the entire GOP Senate field — opposed this financial lifeline for Georgia families, and Georgians deserve better.”

Michigan Democratic Party: As Fourth Child Tax Credit Payments Hit Bank Accounts Today, Michigan Republicans’ Opposition More Toxic Than Ever

“It’s unforgivable that not a single Michigan Republican voted for this life-saving tax cut because they were more concerned with scoring political points rather than helping deliver the critical relief needed to help the constituents they were elected to serve. 

“As Republicans continue obstructing President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, Democrats remain focused on investing in children and working people — and voters won’t forget it,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes.  

Ohio Democratic Party: ICYMI: Ohio Working Families Benefiting from Middle-Class Tax Cuts as Payments Once Again Hit Bank Accounts

“Thanks to President Biden, Senator Sherrod Brown and Ohio Democrats, the American Rescue Plan is delivering major tax relief for working families with children through a historic expansion of the child tax credit. Despite opposition from Ohio Republicans, the expanded child tax is lifting 132,000 children out of poverty here in Ohio, helping to bolster financial security and spur economic growth in our state,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesperson Matt Keyes.