Fox News Poll: Majorities Support Mask and Vaccine Requirements

In a new poll from Fox News, the majority of Americans support mask and vaccine requirements. After nearly two years of grappling with COVID-19, it’s clear that the American people are ready for the pandemic to end as the majority supports implementing protections to allow life to return to normal. While Republicans continue to politicize the pandemic, our only question is whose side are they on — the American people or the virus? Because right now, all signs point to the virus’s side.

Fox News: Fox News Poll: Majorities favor mask and vaccine mandates as pandemic worries increase

  • “Majorities support mask and vaccine mandates advocated by the Biden administration, as the coronavirus pandemic remains a top concern, according to the latest Fox News poll.”
  • “Sizable majorities believe face masks (69%) and vaccines (65%) are effective and favor a range of mandates and requirements.”

  • “The new survey, released Sunday, finds two-thirds believe schools should require masks of teachers and students (67 percent), and businesses should do the same with employees and customers (66 percent).”

  • “As the second year of school during COVID gets underway, the survey finds two-thirds of parents believe masks are effective (67 percent) and support teachers and students wearing them (67 percent).”