FOX31 Denver: DNC Chair: Inflation Reduction Act will Lower Costs

With 50 days left until the midterm election, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison is making sure voters know how the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act is fighting inflation, lowering costs, and creating good-paying jobs for middle-class families – despite every Republican in Congress opposing the bill.  

Here’s a look at what they’re watching in Colorado:


In Colorado: FOX31 Denver: Harrison: Costs will go down with Inflation Reduction Act

“The president and Democrats in the House and Senate are working day in and day out to bring down the costs for the American people,” said Harrison. “We’ve now seen gas prices drop for 92 days straight. That is the longest stretch of drop in gas prices since 2015. And we will see through the Inflation Reduction Act costs that the American people have in terms of health care, and their prescription drugs, and in terms of energy costs that will also go down over the course of the next few weeks, next few months, and into next year. And so Democrats are working very hard to find out ways to bring down the pressure and the relief for the American people. We just wish we had Republican counterparts who would work with us on that.”