Full DNC Advances Efforts to Reduce the Role of Unpledged Delegates, Expand Primaries…

Today, the full DNC took the step of advancing the most significant reforms to the party’s presidential nominating process in decades.


At this morning’s general session, DNC members voted to accept the Rules and Bylaws Committee report that calls for reducing the influence of unpledged delegates (commonly known as ‘super delegates’ in the presidential nominating process), expanding the use of primaries, taking steps to protect the right to vote, making our caucuses more accessible, increasing transparency in our party and increasing grassroots participation. These reforms will continue to make our party more competitive in order to win in every ZIP code in 2018 and beyond.


“Today marks an important milestone in our efforts to rebuild a Democratic Party that competes and wins in every single ZIP code across the country,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “From the moment I decided to run for chair, I understood we had to rebuild trust with every single voter who shares our values. By accepting this report, the Democratic Party is stating loudly and clearly that the status quo will change. I want to reiterate my admiration for and full-throated endorsement of the incredible work of the Unity Reform Commission and our Rules and Bylaws Committee, whose work will guarantee that our party will be stronger, more organized and in position to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2018, 2020 and beyond. When our work is complete, our 2020 nomination process will be the most fair and transparent in the history of American presidential politics.”


The accepted Rules and Bylaws Committee report calls for:


  • Reducing the influence of unpledged delegates or “super delegates” in the presidential nominating process. 
  • Expanding the use of primaries
  • Working to achieve same-day registration and same-day party switching
  • Combatting voter suppression tactics through legislation, party rules or litigation
  • Making the party competitive in every state and territory
  • Increasing grassroots participation 
  • Making the party more transparent, including in its Joint Fundraising Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding
  • Strengthening inclusivity and building on the great diversity of the party
  • Making caucuses inclusive, transparent and accessible


After receiving the recommendations of the Unity Reform Commission in December, the Rules and Bylaws Committee has until June 2018 to complete its work, which includes the crafting of any rules, bylaws, or charter amendments necessary to implement the major reforms agreed upon today by the full DNC. These measures will then go to the full DNC for consideration at the summer meeting.


A summary and full text of the report produced by the Rules and Bylaws Committee and voted on by the DNC is available here and here