FWD: DNC Statement On Kevin McCarthy

Last night, a new recording proved that Kevin McCarthy is nothing but a fraud and a liar who will do and say anything to appease Trump. Kevin McCarthy is having a bad day, and the only person to blame is himself. 

  • HuffPost: “Kevin McCarthy’s Trump Denial Falls Apart In Hours With Release Of New Audio”
  • Washington Post: “The audio contradicted McCarthy’s claim that he didn’t push for Trump to resign after the deadly insurrection by a pro-Trump mob.”
  • NBC News: “McCarthy said he would urge Trump to resign after Jan. 6, new audio reveals”
  • Axios: “Tape shows McCarthy said he would urge Trump to resign”
  • Bloomberg: “GOP’s McCarthy Risks Trump Backlash on ‘You Should Resign’ Audio”
  • The Guardian: “Republican leader Kevin McCarthy considered urging Trump to quit, audio reveals”