Gas Prices Trump Said He Has ‘Power Over’ Continue To Soar

Trump previously claimed he would have “tremendous power over” higher gas prices, but he has failed to fix them. Gas prices continue to soar and have more than offset the extremely limited benefits Republicans claimed the Trump tax gave to working families.


Gas prices continue to rise, and are up 5 cents from last week and 52 cents from a year ago.


ABC News: “Leading up to Memorial Day weekend, gas prices nationwide are up 5 cents from last week and are 52 cents higher than a year ago.”


Higher gas prices have already more than offset the nominal, short-term gains Republicans claim working families got from the Trump tax.


Wall Street Journal’s Daily Shot“Rising Gas Prices More Than Offset Tax Cuts For Low-Income Americans”


USA Today: “Higher Gas Prices Are Eating Into Trump Tax Cut, Trimming Spending By Americans”


Yahoo Finance“Gas Prices Will Likely Wipe Out Trump Tax Cut Gains For Millions.”


Trump previously claimed the president has “tremendous power over” gas prices, and promised to “lower the price of energy.”


Daily Beast: “During the Obama-era, Trump repeatedly insisted that a president had direct influence over the price of gasoline, even calling for Obama’s firing in 2012 over the tags at the pump.”


Trump: “The other would be Obama saying very strongly that the president has absolutely no power over the price of gasoline or the price of oil, which is totally false by the way. Totally false, he has tremendous power over it. Tremendous power, including doing a number on OPEC like they wouldn’t even be there if it weren’t for us. So the president has tremendous power over the price of energy, but over the price of oil or gasoline..”


Trump: “Lifting restrictions on oil and coal and natural gas and all sources of American energy. This will create millions of jobs and lower the price of energy and your electric bill and every other bill for the American household.”


Trump said that high gas prices meant Americans needed to vote out the party in power.


Trump: “Why is crude oil priced at $86/Barrel? OPEC is ripping us off. Not worth $30/Barrel. America needs new leaders.”

Trump: “Gas prices are at crazy levels—fire Obama!”