Giuliani’s Unhinged Press Conference Literally Dripping with Lies

Rudy Giuliani just held an embarrassing and unhinged press conference filled with endless lies, debunked conspiracy theories, and a lot of poorly applied hair dye. It has become abundantly clear why Trump put Giuliani in charge of his legal “strategy,” because he is the only one crazy enough to keep up with Trump’s baseless claims.

Giuliani’s press conference was all one big lie. 

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin: “Rudy Giuliani is lying. A lot. That is all you need to know.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper: “Lie after lie after lie after lie”

Giuliani is trying to spread lies through public events because the campaign has repeatedly failed in court because there is no evidence of voter fraud.

Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler: “It’s clear that because Rudy’s ridiculous claims have failed constantly in court, so badly they can’t even defend them anymore, the Trump campaign will merrily repeat them as part of a PR stunt to cast doubt on the election.”

Washington Post’s Amy Gardner: “Giuliani et al has had many opportunities to prove fraud in court, and they have failed. Over and over again. Why? Because there is no evidence that it happened in any measurable amount. None.”

CNN’s Jeremy Herb: “This. This. This. The Trump campaign’s claims are being rejected in court over and over so Rudy is trying to go to the cameras instead and convince his supporters there’s widespread fraud when there’s not.”

Giuliani falsely claimed there was voter fraud in Pennsylvania after telling a Pennsylvania court that it was not a fraud case.

Fox News’s Jason Donner: “At this presser, Rudy Giuliani keeps claiming voter fraud in Philadelphia, but he said this to a Pennsylvania court: ‘This is not a fraud case.’”

Giuliani tried to move the goalposts on Georgia’s recount after it became clear that it will confirm President-elect Biden won.

BuzzFeed News’s Sarah Mimms: “Trump campaign Nov. 10: Georgia must do a hand recount Guiliani today: ‘The recount done in Georgia will tell us nothing.’”

Giuliani cited witness affidavits that have already been dismissed for presenting no evidence of fraud.

Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler: “Rudy now citing affidavit by Melissa Carone, a contract IT worker for Dominion. A Pennsylvania judge on Nov. 13 concluded that Carone’s ‘allegations are simply not credible.’”

CNN’s Katelyn Polantz: “A judge in Michigan has already read many ‘witness’ affidavits that alleged suspicions of election fraud, and found them to not be credible accusations.”

Giuliani couldn’t even get the specifics for his lies right and doesn’t seem to know what cases the campaign is currently arguing.

Bloomberg’s Josh Wingrove: “Rudy is also confusing the number of affidavits with the number of *pages* of affidavits.”

Bloomberg’s Josh Wingrove: “He’s also talking about a case in Michigan that the Trump campaign has dropped.”

Giuliani cited “My Cousin Vinny,” perhaps explaining why he has failed so miserably in court.

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin: “This is real. This is what the Trump campaign wants you to hear from one of their representatives: Rudy Giuliani: ‘Did you all watch ‘My Cousin Vinny’? You know the movie? It’s one of my favorite law movies, because he comes from Brooklyn.’”

And finally, well, this happened…

BuzzFeed News: “16 Photos Of Rudy Giuliani In A Hot Room”

Politico’s Meredith McGraw: “Someone running the Trump campaign’s feed of this presser can be heard saying ‘can they hear us on the stream?’ and talking about ‘Rudy’s hair dye dripping down his face.’”