GOING BACK TO BACK: DNC Has Record Fundraising Month, Outraises the RNC

“Oh man, oh man. Not again.” – The Republican National Committee…probably.

For the second month in a row, the DNC had record-setting fundraising and outraised the RNC, highlighting how grassroots donors are responding to Democrats’ positive vision and how President Biden’s leadership is delivering for them.

The DNC had a record-setting fundraising month and outraised the RNC for the second month in a row — and we’re still just getting started: 

  • The Hill: “DNC tops RNC as both see record May fundraising”
  • National Interest“Does the GOP Have a Fundraising Problem? The Democratic National Committee (DNC) towered over its Republican counterpart for May fundraising.”
  • Reuters: “Disclosures filed on Sunday with the Federal Election Commission showed the Republican National Committee raised $11.1 million last month, just below the $12.1 million raised by the Democratic National Committee.”
  • Bloomberg“Record-Setting Month Helps Democrats Beat GOP in Fundraising”