GOP IN DISARRAY: Republicans’ Bad Summer Continues

Florida GOP Senator Rick Scott and GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are airing out their dirty laundry for all of us to see as complaints rack up over Scott using his position as NRSC chair to further his own political ambitions.

McConnell and others have expressed major doubts regarding the poor quality of extreme MAGA Republican candidates who were pushed by Scott to run in key battleground states. 

Politico: “Mitch McConnell is among the myriad Republicans questioning the Senate GOP’s quality of candidates in the midterms. Rick Scott wants everyone to stop doubting his recruits…”

Instead of doing his job, Rick Scott has spent his summer yachting in Italy and even has a planned trip to Iowa to campaign for a House candidate — increasing grumblings about Scott’s personal ambitions.

Axios: “Rick Scott’s ill-timed Italian vacation”

Business Insider: “GOP Senator Rick Scott criticized Biden taking a break in Delaware, right before setting off on a luxury yacht vacation to Italy”

Rolling Stone: “GOP Senator Relaxes on Yacht in Italy as He Bashes Biden for Taking Vacation”

New Republic: “Rick Scott’s Shadow Presidential Campaign Is Frustrating His Fellow Republicans”

While Republicans squabble, voters are seeing just how extreme Senate Republican candidates are, from threatening to jeopardize Social Security and Medicare to calling for abortion bans.

NBC News: “Democrats hammer Republicans over Social Security as conservative candidates grab the ‘third rail’”

Washington Post: “More Republicans pushing abortion bans without rape, incest exceptions”

Washington Post:  “Sen. Ron Johnson suggests ending Medicare, Social Security as mandatory spending programs”

This disastrous GOP summer tells only one story: MAGA Republicans are flailing as the American people hear more about their extreme agenda, and they’ll be held accountable this fall.