GOP State Conventions: ‘Bloodbath’ Edition

This weekend, Republicans in Georgia and North Carolina are hosting their conventions and we can all but guarantee that both are going to be a disaster. Republicans are already on edge about Donald Trump’s appearance at the North Carolina convention while the Georgia GOP doesn’t even need an appearance from Trump to have what’s expected by anxious Republicans to be a “figurative bloodbath.”

Donald Trump’s appearance at the North Carolina convention has Republicans sweating about what is sure to be a messy appearance.

Washington Post: “‘He’s going to spray friendly fire on other Republicans and settle scores under the auspices of endorsing people in Republican primaries for 2022,’ said GOP donor Dan Eberhart, a onetime Trump backer who has been critical of his attacks on the election. ‘This back-to-the-future style is putting the Republican Party in a 2020 straitjacket, preventing it from learning from our 2020 losses and adapting to the most recent voter concerns.’”

And in Georgia, Republicans are on edge for what is widely expected to be a wild convention and a “reckoning.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “We’ve heard this weekend’s Georgia GOP convention described multiple different ways from anxious Republican insiders: A reckoning. A wakeup call. A figurative bloodbath. More than anything, it’s likely to be a test of Donald Trump’s enduring influence in the party.”