Governor Doug Ducey Lunches With Mike Pence, Ignores Arizona Teachers

After reports that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey will lunch with Vice President Mike Pence and introduce him at a rally touting the Trump administration’s tax plan – all while Arizona teachers enter their fourth day of the Red For Ed walkout, DNC spokesperson Vedant Patel released the following statement:


“Instead of meeting with the Arizona teachers who are entering the fourth day of their walk out, Governor Doug Ducey will be lunching with Vice President Mike Pence and taking part in an event touting President Trump’s tax plan – a deal that harms Arizona’s working families, including the teachers marching in Red for Ed walkouts. Rather than hiding behind the Vice President, Governor Ducey owes it to Arizona teachers to offer a concrete groundwork to give Arizona educators the competitive and livable wages they deserve. By refusing to meet with walkout leaders and not addressing the holes in his proposal, Gov. Ducey is doing nothing more than minimizing the actions and momentum behind the Red for Ed movement. Arizona’s hard-working families deserve a governor who will fight for teachers and students, not someone who ignores teachers and shortchanges Arizona students and public schools.”