Graham and Republicans Break Their Promise for a “Respectful” Confirmation Process

In what could only be classified as a full-blown temper tantrum, Lindsey Graham spent 20 minutes ranting, raving, and repeatedly interrupting Judge Jackson. Senate Republicans promised a “respectful” confirmation process, but in the last 24 hours, Republicans have completely broken that promise and demonstrated nothing but disrespect for a historic, eminently qualified nominee.  

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans promised a “respectful” confirmation process for Judge Jackson.

Politico: “Who, us, fight? Senate GOP vows ‘respectful’ Supreme Court hearing”

Roll Call: “Republicans stress process for Supreme Court confirmation will be one of ‘respect’”

In the last 24 hours, Republicans like Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, and Ted Cruz have completely broken this promise by interrupting Judge Jackson and attempting to smear her record with disgusting attacks that have no basis in fact or reality. 

MSNBC’s Haley Miller: “Graham accuses Jackson of filibustering ‘every question’ he had. I’m not sure 10 seconds went by where he didn’t interrupt her.”

The Recount: “Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who went 10+ minutes over his allotted time, continues to interrupt Judge Jackson and absurdly asks her how it would feel to be ‘ambushed’ like Justice Kavanaugh, which obviously has no bearing on her own hearing.”

CNN: “Sen. Tom Cotton, another Republican sometimes mentioned as a possible future presidential candidate, accused Jackson of twisting the law in another case because she was sympathetic to a drug kingpin … Blunt and somewhat condescending, Cotton posed a series of questions about whether police should arrest more criminals and whether sentences for those convicted should be longer.”

Washington Post: “Here, the subterfuge is stripped away: Republicans are being warned that a Black nominee for the Supreme Court is hoping to inculcate this anti-White agenda.”

Washington Post: “The hearing yielded an extraordinary back-and-forth when Hawley, a hard-hitting conservative, openly accused the judge of going easy on sex offenders and said bluntly that he was questioning her judgment.”

New York Times: “After all of the entreaties from top Republicans to show respect at Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings, Senator Ted Cruz on Tuesday afternoon chose to grill the first Black woman nominated for the Supreme Court on her views on critical race theory and insinuate that she was soft on child sexual abuse.”