Greg Abbott Chooses To Side With COVID-19

Governor Greg Abbott keeps making it abundantly clear he’d rather prolong the COVID-19 pandemic and risk more lives at a time when Americans want nothing more than to end the pandemic and return to normal. While Texas COVID cases remain high, Abbott is taking measures that would make cases worse. Instead of advocating for Texans to get the vaccine, Abbott is banning vaccine requirements that are not only incredibly effective but overwhelmingly popular with the American people, including in Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott once again recklessly sided with prolonging this pandemic by banning vaccine requirements in Texas:

  • Washington Post: “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Monday banned any entity in his state — including private businesses — from mandating coronavirus vaccines for workers or customers, expanding prior executive orders from his office that prohibited state government entities from imposing similar requirements.”
  • Washington Post: “Abbott’s move puts him at odds with some large corporations and with the Biden administration, which last month announced plans to require all employers with 100 or more workers to adopt vaccine mandates or testing regimens. A number of large private companies in Texas have issued mandates.”

And just as a reminder: Vaccine requirements are really popular with the American public, including in Texas:

  • Gallup: “Majority in U.S. Supports Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates”
  • POLITICO-Harvard poll: “Most Americans support vaccine mandates for schoolkids”
  • Houston Chronicle: “Over 65% of Texans support vaccine mandates, poll says”