Hawley Siding With Russia in Newest Political Stunt

In another performative stunt from the man who scurried away after inciting the January 6 rioters, yesterday Josh Hawley sided with Russia as the only senator to vote against Finland and Sweden’s entry to NATO. 

Josh Hawley’s political stunt puts Russia’s interests ahead of our own foreign policy goals.

Politico: “Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policy is living on through one senator: Josh Hawley. The Missouri Republican staked out MAGA turf earlier this week by coming out against a joint effort by Finland and Sweden to join NATO.”

Politico: “Hawley has worked for months to distinguish himself from the Republican pack on national security, beginning with his blockade of Pentagon nominees in protest of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and his opposition to a $40 billion Ukraine aid package. Opposing an expansion of the most successful military alliance in world history as it works to counter Russia’s war in Ukraine, however, is a particularly bold play for the GOP base that has cheered Trump’s critiques of NATO.”

Hawley stands alone in his stance — further signifying the extreme lengths Hawley will go to push his agenda. 

Mitch McConnell: “If any senator is looking for a defensible excuse to vote ‘no,’ I wish them good luck. This is a slam dunk for national security that deserves unanimous bipartisan support.”

Business Insider: “Similarly, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida wrote an op-ed article that served as a rebuttal to Hawley’s stance on the matter. Rubio’s article was titled ‘A stronger NATO allows America to focus on the threat of Communist China.’”

Politico: “Hawley’s fellow Republicans didn’t waste time poking holes in his argument. ‘I think it’s mistaken,’ Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who has been open about his own White House aspirations, said in an interview. ‘We don’t beat China by retreating from the rest of the world. We beat China by standing with our allies against our enemies.’”

Josh Hawley is a MAGA GOP extremist who is obviously more concerned with political stunts than the well-being of the American people.