Health Care For Workers Gets More Expensive, Though Wages Remain Stagnant

Health care continues to become more expensive for workers as wages remain stagnant under Trump. Trump claims he has spurred wage growth and kept premiums down, but a new study reveals the exact opposite has occurred. Instead of doing more to lower costs, Trump continues to sabotage the ACA and has now turned to pushing “alternative statistics.”


Out-of-pocket health care costs have risen eight times as fast as wages, which have remained stagnant under Trump.


Bloomberg: “Most U.S. workers who have health plans through their employers must cover at least some expenses before their insurance kicks in, and those out-of-pocket costs have risen eight times as fast as wages, a closely watched study found.”


Politico: “According to BLS, gains in full-time median weekly earnings lagged inflation during the first six months of 2018 compared to one year before, and also during the last three months of 2017.”


Trump’s sabotage continues to cause health care premiums to increase and his junk insurance plans may not provide people the care they need.


Kaiser Family Foundation’s Cynthia Cox: “The actions the administration has taken ‘by and large have destabilized the market,’ said Cynthia Cox, the director of the program for the study of health reform and private insurance at the Kaiser Family Foundation.”


Consumer Reports: “Short-Term Health Insurance Isn’t as Cheap as You Think”


NPR: “If you get sick, the new plans – known as short-term, limited duration insurance — may not pay for the medical care you need.”


Instead of doing more to help raise wages or lower health care costs, the Trump administration is turning to “alternative statistics.”


Bloomberg: “The Labor Department’s data showed U.S. wages barely budged more than a year into Donald Trump’s presidency, but Kevin Hassett had a ready response. Alternative statistics. Hassett, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, came to a press briefing on Sept. 10 boasting that Trump’s policies had fueled ‘massive’ wage growth and dismissing the government data showing otherwise as ‘not a very reasonable statistic.’”