“Health Care In Crisis”: Battleground Democrats Continue Slamming Trump Ahead Of GOP Convention’s Third Day

Ahead of the third day of the Republican National Convention, Democrats across the battleground states slammed Donald Trump’s disastrous health care record and other failures of his chaos presidency. See for yourself:

In Arizona: 

AZ Family: “This week, the CDC changed its COVID-19 testing guidelines to say that some people without symptoms may not need to be tested, even if they’ve been in close contact with someone known to have the virus. Dr. Bradley Dreifuss is an emergency medicine physician who doesn’t think what the CDC did makes any sense, because reducing the number of people tested will make it harder to stop the spread. ‘Especially if we are talking about the strategy being test, trace and treat,’ said Dreifuss. ‘If we are not testing, how are we going to know whether its safe to open our universities, our cities and our economy?’”

State Senator Martín Quezada on KTVK: “What I wanted to hear was a plan from … the president about what they were going to do to address this issue and get this coronavirus under control. We did not hear that.”

Salon: Arizona GOP worried Trump and McSally will cost them the state: “Arizonans are fed up.” “[Arizona Democratic Party Chair Felecia] Rotellini said that ‘Arizonans are fed up’ with Republicans’ ‘failure to control the spread of the virus.’ Along with Trump’s widely-criticized federal response, Republican Gov. Doug Ducey has seen his approval rating plummet into the 30s after infections spiked following the state’s early reopening. ‘Arizonans know that until we get the pandemic under control, the economy can’t fully recover,’ Rotellini said. ‘Arizonans are tired of the wishful thinking with no plan of how to truly curtail the spread of this virus. They want leaders who are ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work.’”

In Colorado:

Denver Cancer Survivor Laura Packard on KMGH: “Laura Packard has been fighting over health care with the Trump administration and said that and tonight’s speeches show the administration isn’t in tune with the people … ‘Over 170,000 Americans have died from this pandemic and that didn’t really seem to be a topic of conversation.’”

In Florida:

Florida Politics: Nikki Fried slams RNC speakers for describing pandemic in past tense. “Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried slammed Republican National Convention speakers for talking about the COVID-19 crisis in the past tense. ‘If you watched the RNC Convention last night, you may have thought that the COVID-19 pandemic is over. It’s not,’ Fried tweeted. She also took a swipe at Gov. Ron DeSantis, signaling that rivalry won’t let up any time soon. ‘Nearly 5,000 Floridians have died in the last month alone because of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ and Donald Trump’s disastrous policies,’ she wrote.”

WLRN: “‘President Trump has refused to grant Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans,’ said Luisana Perez-Fernandez, a Venezuelan immigrant in Miami and a Florida spokesperson for the Democrats and Biden. ‘It’s a double standard to show [Alvarez] — and of course good for him — who could pursue the American dream but unfortunately there are many in our communities right now who are not able to do so.’”

WTSP: Tampa Bay Democrats talk unemployment in RNC rebuttal. “‘They don’t want false promises,’ [St. Petersburg Mayor Rick] Kriseman said. ‘They want to have someone who actually cares who is empathetic and understands what they’re suffering through and at least provide them the opportunity to help themselves.’”

In Georgia:

Atlanta Journal Constitution: “Georgia Democrats say President Donald Trump, Gov. Brian Kemp and other top Republicans have cost voters their lives in the coronavirus pandemic by failing to come up with an effective strategy for fighting its spread. The foundation for the failures came when state leaders refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, said Joyce Barlow, an Albany-based registered nurse and candidate for a Georgia House seat. ‘Instead of taking action, Trump and Kemp have refused to create a real plan, and they’re just extending wishful thinking,’ Barlow said.”

WSB: Both sides agree – Georgia will be a battleground state in November. “[Democratic National Committee Chair Tom] Perez said their efforts aren’t just directed to win the presidential and congressional elections. He told Elliot they want to flip Georgia’s traditionally Republican state house too. ‘Georgia is definitely a battleground, and I think we have a real good chance down the ballot, not just presidential but two Senate races, the state house. Our mission is to run Democrats up and down the ballot,’ Perez said.”

In Iowa:

Times-Republican: “The Iowa Democratic Party was less impressed. Hours before Reynolds’ address to the GOP faithful aired, the Iowa Democrats lambasted Trump for his one-hour stop at the Cedar Rapids airport after the storm, with no tour on the ground, and for what they consider a poor response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘During a global pandemic — as thousands of Iowans are struggling to recover from the derecho and navigate the compounding economic effects of Trump’s attacks on Social Security and unemployment benefits — Reynolds is still pushing partisan politics,’ Iowa Democratic Party Chair Mark Smith said in a statement. ‘No matter what the governor says today, she cannot paper over her failed COVID-19 response.’”

The Gazette: “Earlier Tuesday, the Iowa Democratic Party held a news conference call in advance of Reynolds’ speech. State party chairman Mark Smith and state treasurer Mike Fitzgerald criticized Reynolds and Trump for their respective work managing the pandemic. Smith alleged Reynolds and Trump failed to contain the virus, follow the advice of federal health experts and offer ‘critical resources.’”

Des Moines Register: “In a call with press before the RNC’s evening events, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Mark Smith attacked Trump and Reynolds for an ‘appalling’ response to the coronavirus pandemic. He highlighted the more than 57,000 Iowans who have tested positive for the virus and the more than 1,000 Iowans who have died from COVID-19, the disease it causes.”

In Maine:

WGME: Dems disagree with Maine lobsterman’s RNC statements about Trump helping fishing industry. “Maine Democrats are disagreeing with [Maine lobsterman Jason] Joyce’s statement. They’re criticizing the president and are blaming him for the lobster industry’s struggles. They said in part: ‘Trump’s reckless trade war upended Maine’s vital lobster industry and exports to China actually cratered as a result of retaliatory tariffs.’ They went on to note that China has bought less U.S. lobster in 2020 than it did during last year’s trade war.”

In Minnesota:

KEYC: Minnesota politicians react to Republican National Convention. “‘I think it’s a time for our country to unite and not to keep dividing. For that reason I’m not happy with what the president is saying to the country. I think we need leaders that will draw us together,’ said Sen. Nick Frentz (DFL – North Mankato.) … ‘I didn’t like the message that President Trump brought to southern Minnesota, and I did not talk to a lot of people who thought it was the right message for this time in our state’s history,’ Frentz said.”

In Nevada:

Assemblywoman Dina Neal on KCEP: “In Nevada, we’ve tried to make sure your vote does count … People need to recognize that if the right to vote wasn’t powerful, then why would people be trying to keep you from using it?”

El Sol de Nevada: “Ayer, en la primera noche de la Convención Nacional Republicana, los demócratas de Nevada prensa con líderes latinos y miembros de la comunidad para discutir cómo la caótica presidencia de Trump ha llevado a las familias latinas a la crisis.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Democratic panel slams Trump over coronavirus, health care. “Local nurses and elected officials gathered online Wednesday to condemn President Donald Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and Republicans’ attempts to overturn the Affordable Care Act during a panel organized by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign. Cathy Chao, a Las Vegas intensive care nurse, said she still hasn’t fully recovered after contracting the coronavirus in May while caring for pandemic patients. Chao missed three months of work before returning to her unit three weeks ago.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: “Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Madison Mundy said … Trump has abandoned working people through his tax plan.”

In New Hampshire:

Manchester Ink Link: Pappas criticizes ACA repeal efforts. “Pappas criticized efforts by the Trump administration to repeal the Affordable Care Act or ACA, including recent legal efforts to repeal the legislation that are expected to reach the U.S. Supreme Court this fall. Pappas added that it was additionally irresponsible to repeal the ACA without providing a clear alternative during a pandemic. ‘Healthcare should be a right and not a privilege,’ he said. ‘If the ACA is struck down, it would unleash chaos in the healthcare system.’”

New Hampshire Union Leader: “One of the women, Michelle O’Leary of Atkinson, said the Affordable Care Act helped her son, Matty, who has a neurodegenerative disease. “That’s what we tell anyone we meet who may be on the fence. We say: ‘Vote for Matty,’” O’Leary said Wednesday. ‘Because the idea of not having the ACA and losing our health insurance, or having a limit on what the health insurance will cover is the difference between life and death for our son.’”

U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster on WKXL: “It was such a dark view of the world. For people who thought they were going to make America great, that was a really dark view of where we stand and, frankly, it’s on them … I think, frankly, it’s a blatant attempt to scare people. That’s all they’ve got to work with now, Chris. This president has so totally botched this pandemic … We need a national plan for testing and contact tracing. Luckily we did that here in New Hampshire, and we’re in a much, much better place here than the rest of the country. But he has put American lives in peril. I think history will show tens of thousands of Americans died needlessly on his watch because he didn’t have a plan.”

In North Carolina:

WNCN: “‘We’re making sure people know how to vote by mail. We’re making sure people know how to sign up for early vote,’ said Tom Perez, [chair] of the Democratic National Committee in an interview with CBS 17.”

In Ohio:

Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper on WHBC: “It’s as if they want to run and not acknowledge that the big elephant in the room is the COVID crisis that not only hit us really hard but is still happening every day.”

In Pennsylvania:

Erie News Now: Some Union City Farmers Breaking the Norm and Voting for Biden. “Gourley says the store is what got people talking. ‘Four years ago he (Trump) said that trade wars were easy, but it’s been anything but that,’ he says. He says the money people are getting from the government isn’t helping him and his farm much … ‘Sue and Vince Humes are in the group of farmers voting for Biden and they are registered republicans. ‘We’re going to vote for Vice President Biden this time because that’s what is best for the country,’ Vince Humes says … ‘We gotta get back on track before there aren’t any of these farms,’ he says.”