Health Care Top Voting Issue, Again

In last night’s special election, in a heavily-Republican district in Arizona, Democrats won a much larger percentage of the vote than expected – in part because many of those who voted disagreed with Republicans’ efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  A majority of voters in this extremely-red district named health care as their top issue.  The Republican Party should take the hint – it’s long past time to end their health care sabotage.


Democrats closed a big gap in this heavily-Republican district. It’s no surprise, considering health care was the top issue for voters:


  • 58% of voters said health care was the top issue.


  • Voters disapproved of Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act by 5 points.


  • 54% of voters said we should keep and work to improve the Affordable Care Act.


  • Voters were less likely to support Republican Debbie Lesko because of the Republican health care agenda by a 7-point margin.


  • A plurality of voters said Democrat Hiral Tipirneni better reflected their views on health care.