Health Experts, Teachers, Pediatricians Oppose Trump Forcing Schools To Reopen Without Ensuring Safety

Health experts, teachers, and pediatricians oppose Trump’s push to reopen schools without ensuring it can be done safely. Secretary DeVos can’t promise that schools will be safe when they reopen, and yet the administration is proceeding anyway.

Trump’s own experts warned that reopening schools remains the “highest risk” for the spread of coronavirus.

New York Times: “Federal materials for reopening schools, shared the week President Trump demanded weaker guidelines to do so, said fully reopening schools and universities remained the ‘highest risk’ for the spread of the coronavirus.”

One in four teachers face a greater risk from coronavirus, and many teachers say they don’t want to go back to school until it can be done safely.

CNN: “One in four teachers at greater risk from coronavirus”

New York Times: “‘I Don’t Want to Go Back’: Many Teachers Are Fearful and Angry Over Pressure to Return”

New York Times: “Teachers say crucial questions about how schools will stay clean, keep students physically distanced and prevent further spread of the virus have not been answered.”

The Trump administration cites guidance from pediatricians to push schools to reopen, but the group never endorsed Trump’s effort to fully reopen and has rebuked Trump over his threats.

Politico: “Pediatricians split with Trump on school reopening threats”

Washington Post: “The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently issued guidance saying that school districts should try to get students back to campuses this fall for their health — and the Trump administration has used it to bolster its new push to force public schools to open fully for the 2020-21 academic year. But the initial statement never was an endorsement of the call by President Trump for all schools to fully reopen — and the organization has now attempted to directly distance itself from the administration’s belligerent stance on reopening.”

DeVos can’t promise schools will be safe, and no other country has tried to fully reopen schools with the virus raging at levels like ours.

The Daily Beast: “Betsy DeVos Can’t Promise Teachers and Kids Won’t Get Sick After Reopening Schools”

New York Times: “No nation has tried to send children back to school with the virus raging at levels like America’s, and the scientific research about transmission in classrooms is limited.”