HELP IS HERE: America Really Likes Biden Delivering Vaccines

200 million vaccinations in 100 days. 90% of American adults will be eligible for vaccination by April 19. Averaging nearly 3 million vaccinations a day. In a new poll, more and more Americans approve of the job President Biden is doing to tackle the number one issue facing the country.

Since January, approval of the country’s vaccine rollout has doubled, from 34% to 68% approval, including 66% approval among Republicans.

Gallup: “Satisfaction with the COVID-19 vaccine process has doubled since January and is now at the majority-level among all major demographic subgroups. It is particularly high among adults aged 65 and older (77%), a group that has been prioritized for vaccines, those who have received at least one vaccine dose (75%) and Democrats (73%), whose satisfaction has more than tripled since President Joe Biden took office.”

After setting daily vaccination records, President Biden is still increasing access to vaccines, and soon nearly every American adult will be eligible to receive one.

CBS News: “Biden says 90% of all U.S. adults will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine by April 19”

CBS News: “To help more Americans access the vaccine, Mr. Biden said he is directing his COVID team to locate vaccination sites within 5 miles of 90% of all Americans. The White House is expanding the number of pharmacies that can administer the vaccine, and by April 19, there will be 12 more federally run vaccination sites.”

CNN: “The President also said in the next three weeks his administration would stand up 12 more federally run mass vaccination sites. Andy Slavitt, a senior White House Covid-19 response adviser, announced earlier Monday that two new sites would be opening in Gary, Indiana, and St. Louis. The administration will also establish a new transportation program in partnership with community organizations to get at-risk seniors and people with disabilities access to the vaccines.”

As it becomes easier to get a vaccine, more Americans are willing to get one, bringing the country closer to normalcy.

Gallup: “With more than a million Americans receiving COVID-19 vaccines every day, the public’s overall willingness to be inoculated against the disease has edged up three points. This continues the upward trajectory to a new high of 74% since hitting a low of 50% in September.”

Wall Street Journal: “A shrinking percentage of Americans are expressing reluctance to get a Covid-19 vaccine, a positive sign for the efforts to get shots in the arms of enough people to reach herd immunity… The survey found about 17% of adults said they would either definitely or probably not get vaccinated, down from 22% in January. The decline was almost entirely due to fewer respondents saying they probably won’t get the shot; the share saying they definitely won’t has remained essentially unchanged in the past two months.”