Help Is Here For Americans Across The Country: ‘I Cheered, And I Cried’

Americans across the country have begun to receive direct payments that they say will change their lives for the better. As Americans cheer, cry, and feel grateful that help is here, they won’t forget that it was President Biden and a united Democratic Party that delivered for them while every last Republican in Congress turned their backs.

Americans across the country are grateful for getting their stimulus checks and help from the expanded Child Tax Credit, which they say will change their lives for the better.

Virginia small business owner: “I cheered, and I cried … It will change my life for the better.”

Arizona single working mom: “We’ve struggled with homelessness. We’ve struggled with not having food, practically living out of my car. … It’ll take a lot off my shoulders because I have a little help to put food on the table.”

Florida resident: “It’s like a miracle really to a lot of us that this money is being passed down to us by the government. I find it amazing and I couldn’t be any more grateful.”