Help Is Here: ‘This Will Go A Long, Long Way’

Americans across the country say that the American Rescue Plan will go a long, long way to providing the help they need. Help is here because of President Biden and a united Democratic Party, and no thanks to every Republican in Congress who voted no.

Americans who have lost their jobs during the pandemic say that getting their stimulus checks will help them a lot.

Unemployed cancer survivor: “I just immediately got online and paid every bill I had and got caught up for the first time in months.”

Unemployed Arizona mother: “I desperately, desperately need this help…I’m almost in tears already. I just wanna, I just wanna feel relaxed.”

Unemployed Nevada resident: “Yeah, that check’s gonna help a lot.”

The American Rescue Plan will help to reduce health care premiums and help Americans save more money.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: “But with the COVID-19 relief bill, just signed into law by President Joe Biden, her premium should drop to zero. ‘That will be nice,’ said Patel, 31. ‘Nearly all of my savings have been depleted, so it’ll be nice to be able to save some money right now.’”

Overall, Americans across the country are thrilled that help is here.

Ohio small business owner: “The past year was a big struggle, so any help is great help. So, this will go a long, long way.”

Florida small business owner: “I’m so happy they’re doing this again. I’m very thankful for the government when they step up to the plate and we can get the help.”

Arizona residents: “President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan on March 11, which will go a long way to helping defeat the pandemic once and for all.”