HELP IS HERE: Vast Majority of Americans Approve of Biden’s COVID-19 Response as U.S. Sets New Daily Vaccine Records

A new poll released this weekend continues to show that the overwhelming majority of Americans approve of President Biden’s coronavirus response and his handling of the economic recovery. It’s clear why: Over the weekend, the U.S. administered over 3 million vaccines for three straight days and shattered the previous daily record on Friday. Already over 50 million Americans are fully vaccinated.

An overwhelming majority of Americans approve of how President Biden is handling the pandemic.

ABC News: “The president’s approval lands at 72% for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, numerically higher than the 68% of Americans who said the same earlier this month just before Congress passed his $1.9 trillion relief package, his first major legislative achievement … A significant slice of the country also backs how Biden is handling distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, with 3 in 4 Americans approving.”

ABC News: “A clear majority of Americans (60%) also approve of Biden’s stewardship on repairing the beleaguered economy, which continues to be hobbled by the coronavirus.”

CNN: “President Joe Biden’s approval hasn’t moved in two months. He had an average 55% approval rating at the beginning of his presidency. Two months later, Biden’s approval rating stands at 54%. That’s less movement than even former President Donald Trump had during his first few months on the job, and opinion on Trump was notoriously stagnant. Biden’s secret to success is simple: he’s addressing the issues Americans care about, while his weaker issues are those that most Americans don’t seem as worried about.”

The U.S. shattered the previous daily record of vaccines administered, breaking 3 million doses on consecutive days for only the fourth time.

CNN: “A new daily record for administering Covid-19 vaccines was set Friday, but many experts reiterate that the pandemic is far from over. The total number of doses administered jumped by about 3.38 million, according to a tweet from White House Covid-19 Data Director Dr. Cyrus Shahpar. This is the fourth time the number of doses administered has jumped more than 3 million on consecutive days. The previous one-day record was just over 3.2 million doses, on March 13.”

This comes on the heels of President Biden getting 100 million vaccine doses in arms weeks ahead of schedule and setting a new goal of 200 million shots in arms in his first 100 days in office.

CNBC: “President Joe Biden on Thursday announced a new goal of having 200 million Covid vaccination shots being distributed within his first 100 days in office.”

Axios: “President Biden on Thursday announced a new COVID-19 vaccine goal at his first press conference since taking office: 200 million shots administered within his first 100 days. Why it matters … At the current 7-day average of about 2.5 million doses administered per day, the U.S. would reach 200 million shots in the days leading up to Biden’s 100th day in office: April 30.”