Here’s What You Won’t Read in Tim Scott’s New Book

Since Tim Scott is releasing a new book today, we wanted to make sure you read the things he won’t mention in his rewriting of history.

While Scott will brag about writing the Opportunity Zones initiative, he conveniently won’t mention that the program gave massive tax breaks to wealthy real estate developers while leaving the small businesses and low-income communities it was supposed to help out to dry. 

PBS: “Trump-era Opportunity Zones meant to help low-income communities exploited by investors”

The New York Times: “A new tax break that President Trump frequently touts as a boon to black Americans and hard-hit communities is spurring relatively little job creation while disproportionately helping high-profit real estate projects and not small businesses, an extensive new study by the Urban Institute has found.”

Scott was an architect of the GOP Tax Scam that cheated middle-class families and gave huge tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy and big corporations.

The Washington Post: “Scott: ‘In 2017, I was one of the architects of reforming the personal side of the tax code.’”

Just this weekend, Scott stood with Big Pharma to oppose lowering health care costs and helped block a cap on insulin costs for people with private insurance.

Newsweek: “These 43 Republicans Voted Against Capping Insulin Costs”

To this day, Scott is still calling to repeal the Affordable Care Act and rip away health coverage for millions of Americans.

Tim Scott: “I will continue to work towards the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and to replace it with solutions that will tackle health care costs and improve access.”