Hill Republicans Owe The American People Some Answers

As congressional Republicans double and triple down on their unanimous opposition to President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, it’s probably a good time to remind people what they’re proudly fighting against: lowering costs for families, driving down prescription drug prices, taking on the climate crisis, and building back our economy stronger than ever. 

Here are some key questions Senate Republicans should have to answer:

1. Why are Republicans openly advocating against lowering health care costs, cutting taxes, and taking on climate change?

2. Why does the Republican Party believe it’s more important to cut taxes for big corporations and the wealthy, but not to cut taxes for hard-working American families? 

3. Republicans continue to disingenuously blame inflation on Democratic policies. What is their explanation for the United States’ far outpacing any other G7 country’s economic recovery from the pandemic? What is their plan to take on rising costs, besides calling it a political “gold mine”?

4. What exactly is the Republican Party’s legislative plan?

Republicans claim to be the party of the working class, but as we saw when they were in power, they focused on passing legislation to benefit the super-wealthy and big corporations. President Biden and Democrats’ Build Back Better Act will help lower costs, give parents a little more breathing room, invest in workers and small businesses, and move us towards ending this pandemic once and for all. 

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