Hispanic Unemployment Near Record High

Today’s jobs report shows how badly Trump has failed the Hispanic community. Trump promised to deliver for the Latino community like they’ve never seen before, yet Hispanic unemployment is still near record highs.

BROKEN PROMISE: In 2016, Trump vowed to protect the “jobs and wages of Hispanic citizens,” deliver for Latinos “like you’ve never seen before” and give them “a much better future.”

TRUMP: “We’re going to protect your jobs. That includes protecting the jobs and wages of the Hispanic citizens, and living right here in Florida.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Tampa FL, 8/24/16]

TRUMP: “We will help the Hispanic American people who have been treated so badly, and so unfairly in our nation. We will help them. I will deliver like you’ve never seen before. I deliver. Whether people like Donald Trump or not, they all say, ‘He delivers.’” [Trump Campaign Rally, West Palm Beach FL, 10/13/16]

TRUMP: “To those African Americans and Latinos suffering in our country, I say, very simply, what the hell do you have to lose? Vote for Donald Trump. I am going to fix it. I am going to fix it. It can’t get much worse, and I say it, what do you have to lose? I’m going to fix it.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Prescott AZ, 10/4/16]

TRUMP: “I’m going to fight to give every Hispanic citizen in this country a much better future, a much better life, and they know it. They know it.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Tampa FL, 8/24/16]

REALITY: After declining more than 7% under the Obama-Biden administration, the Hispanic unemployment rate only declined by 1.6% in Trump’s first three years.

REALITY: Hispanic workers have disproportionately suffered from job losses during the pandemic.

Washington Post: “Hispanics are nearly twice as likely as whites to have lost their jobs amid the coronavirus shutdowns, according to a Washington Post-Ipsos poll, underlining that the pandemic is wreaking a disproportionate toll on some racial and ethnic groups. The poll finds that 20 percent of Hispanic adults and 16 percent of blacks report being laid off or furloughed since the outbreak began in the United States, compared with 11 percent of whites and 12 percent of workers of other races. Blacks and Hispanics are also dying of covid-19 at higher rates than whites, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

REALITY: Many Latino small business owners have struggled to access PPP loans as the Trump administration bungled its implementation.

Cronkite News: “About half of low-income Latino households and just as many Latino-owned businesses said they have not received any support from the massive COVID-19 relief bills, according to a nationwide poll released Wednesday.  The survey of 1,800 Latinos across all 50 states oversampled residents of six states, including Arizona. What it found was 48% of Latino households making under $25,000 did not receive any support. The same was true for small Latino-owned businesses, half which reported not being able to receive loans under the original stimulus bill.”

NBC News: “A survey of more than 500 Latino small business owners showed just 97 of respondents who applied for loans got any money in the first round of PPP funding.”

REALITY: During a call with Hispanic leaders, Trump failed to make any specific commitments to help Hispanic communities in responding to the coronavirus but managed to push his 2020 bid.

CNN: “President Donald Trump on Wednesday concluded a White House conference call with Hispanic leaders ostensibly focused on the coronavirus pandemic by underscoring how important it is for them to support him on Election Day, sources on the call told CNN.”

CNN: “The call was wide-ranging, touching on issues related to Latin America, a ‘bailout’ package for states, the Paycheck Protection Program and the use of hydroxychloroquine. Trump also brought up the possibility of an executive order for Hispanic business owners and what it would take to rebound the economy. But according to participants, the President made no concrete commitments. And while thousands were on the line, two participants said the questions asked and comments made were largely from supporters.”

REALITY: Latinos were disproportionately left out on the benefits from Trump’s tax scam.

New York Times: “As a result, the average tax cut going to a white American household is more than double one going to a black or Latino one.”

New York Times: “Latinos got about 7 percent, although their share of all income is 8 percent. In total, the analysis estimates, whites will get $218 billion in tax cuts this year as a result of the law. Black and Latino Americans will get about $32 billion combined.”

REALITY: Income growth for Hispanic Americans has slowed under Trump.

CNN: “Separate Census Bureau data on household income also showed a steady increase for Hispanics in the Obama era. In 2017 dollars, mean income for Hispanics increased from $59,818 in 2009, Obama’s first year, to $68,252 in 2016, his last full year. The 2017 figure, under Trump, was a record: $68,319. But this was a continuation of the Obama-era trend, and it was an increase of a mere 0.001 percent.”

EPI: “Median household income for Hispanic households rose 0.1 percent, to $51,450, in 2018. Median household income is up 13.1 percent since 2007, and is 9.5 percent higher than it was in 2000.”