House GOP Is Focused on Sham Impeachments, Not Securing the Border – At the Request of Donald Trump

In response to House Republicans focusing on failed impeachment stunts instead of securing the border, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement: 

“After earning the title of least productive Congress since the Great Depression, the House Republican chaos conference is back this year racking up loss after loss. Instead of focusing on real solutions to secure the border that have support from border patrol agents and Americans on both sides of the aisle, House Republicans have spent this week backtracking on their words and undermining their own professed priorities in order to do the bidding of Donald Trump. Americans want solutions, not stunts – and they’ll make that clear to Trump and MAGA Republicans at the ballot box in November.”

House Republicans’ political stunts are failing as the GOP chaos conference continues to be a clown show.

CNN: “House vote to impeach Mayorkas fails in stunning defeat for Republican leaders”

Jake Sherman, Punchbowl News: “I’ve seen a lot of embarrassing days for different House Republican leadership teams. This one is pretty high on the list.”

CNN: “Once Mike Johnson’s speakership was merely implausible. Now it looks incompetent. The rookie Republican leader – already struggling to wield a tiny, extreme and malfunctioning majority – suffered a spectacular embarrassment on Tuesday night in a failed vote to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.”

Edward-Isaac Dovere, CNN: “Mayorkas impeachment [Trump] cheerled fails”

House Republicans are more focused on their childish infighting and impeachment shams than securing the border.

New York Times: “Republicans Against Border Enforcement”

Rolling Stone: “Border Patrol Supports ‘Strong’ Immigration Deal. Republicans Don’t Care”

CNN: “The border compromise would represent a dramatic change of immigration law on lines many Republicans have long supported. … The Mayorkas impeachment effort… will have zero practical impact on the crisis at the southern border.”

CNN: “Trump, who is hoping to make immigration a key plank of his presidential campaign, has suggested on Truth Social that approving additional resources for the border would make Republicans ‘look bad.’”

Vox: “Trump made this clear when he reportedly urged Republicans in Congress to turn against the bipartisan Senate border security bill scheduled for a vote Wednesday so that he could keep the issue alive through the presidential election. His supporters have largely fallen in line.”

Trump: “Please blame it on me.”

Trump: “I think [Republicans] are making a terrible mistake if they vote for the bill.”

Multiple House Republicans have warned their own colleagues against politicizing border security and delaying taking action.

Tom Emmer: “Why does it have to be a political issue when it’s the right thing to do to seal our own border and make sure that good people that want to come here for the right reasons are able to come here?”

Chip Roy: “It’s time to act with urgency. Urgency means not waiting for the next election.”

Michael McCaul: “I think [the border] is a very urgent problem. We can’t wait a year.”

Bryan Steil: “The border needs to be secure. We have an opportunity to do that… I’m less concerned about who gets the win other than making sure the American people win, and the American people win if we truly secure the US-Mexico border.”

Patrick McHenry: “We have bipartisan support. … Take the moment, man. Take the policy win.”

Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson has repeatedly called for action to secure the border and said it “is a job for Congress.”

Johnson: “Our immigration system is broken. Reforming that system is a job for Congress.”

Johnson: “The crisis at our southern border has deteriorated to such an extent that significant action can wait no longer.”

Johnson: “We must insist — must insist — that the border be the top priority.”

Johnson: “I do think it’s past time to secure the border.”

Johnson: “I have said that very clearly from day one, we have to solve the [border] problem.”