House GOP Lays Out Their 2022 Message

In case you were wondering what Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans’ priorities are for 2022 and beyond, look no further. Not only have they made clear they would advance a reckless, divisive agenda designed to pander to and elevate their most extreme members, but they’ve promised that a GOP majority would mean grinding Congress to a halt to score political points instead of delivering for the American people. 

Kevin McCarthy and his extreme caucus have promised a Trumpian agenda instead of addressing the issues that actually matter to American families – lowering costs, creating good-paying jobs, and increasing access to affordable health care.

Axios: “Kevin McCarthy is signaling he’ll institutionalize key Trumpian priorities if he takes over as House speaker next year — aggressive tactics targeting undocumented immigrants, liberals and corporate America.”

Washington Post: “You don’t need Trump as speaker if you have Kevin McCarthy”

CNN: “Some leading Republicans want to spotlight former President Donald Trump’s false claims of voter fraud. And key House and Senate Republicans are vowing to probe the security failures surrounding last year’s January 6 attack on the US Capitol — and turn the attention to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

What are House Republicans’ priorities? Settling personal vendettas, chasing conspiracy theories, and elevating their fringe members.

CNN: “The GOP’s promise of intense oversight — combined with threats of retaliation against some Democratic colleagues — offers an early glimpse of the politically charged atmosphere that would likely dominate a divided Washington. And it could complicate efforts between the parties to come together on must-pass legislative items, like government funding.”

CNN: “Members of the far right are already agitating to launch impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden if the GOP is in power in Congress next year.”

Washington Post: “And McCarthy appears to be a member of the revenge caucus: He has repeatedly warned Democrats of potential Republican retribution come January 2023, chiefly in the form of a GOP majority booting members of the minority party from committees.”

CNN: “Meanwhile, McCarthy has vowed to boot Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, both from California, and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota from key committee assignments if Republicans win back the House, citing the ‘new standard’ that Democrats created last year by removing Greene and GOP Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona from their committee assignments for inflammatory rhetoric and posts.”