House Republican: “No Evidence,” “Can’t Impeach Without That Evidence” and “I Don’t Think The Evidence Exists”

Even House Republicans are coming out and showing the jig is up on their political push to attack President Biden in their bid to run cover for Donald Trump.

McCarthy’s baseless impeachment crusade against President Biden is such a waste of time and energy that even *checks notes* House Republicans can see right through McCarthy’s shameless political games.

CNN: “GOP Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, a member of the hardline Freedom Caucus who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, has previously accused McCarthy of engaging in ‘impeachment theater.’

“And one GOP lawmaker, granted anonymity to speak more freely, offered an even blunter assessment: ‘There’s no evidence that Joe Biden got money, or that Joe Biden, you know, agreed to do something so that Hunter could get money. There’s just no evidence of that. And they can’t impeach without that evidence. And I don’t I don’t think the evidence exists.’”

The Hill: “Other GOP lawmakers, however, say they are not ready to take the plunge.

‘I think before we move on to [an] impeachment inquiry, we should … there should be a direct link to the president in some evidence,’ Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) told The Hill in an interview. ‘We should have some clear evidence of a high crime or misdemeanor, not just assuming there may be one. I think we need to have more concrete evidence to go down that path.’”

If it weren’t obvious enough that McCarthy is orchestrating this pointless impeachment inquiry to appease Speaker Trump, Trump’s latest Truth Social post shows that he’s (impatiently) waiting for McCarthy to follow through. 

Melanie Zanona, CNN: “Meanwhile.. Trump’s patience with Republicans is starting to wear thin: Yesterday, he complained on Truth Social that the House GOP isn’t moving fast enough on a Biden impeachment. 

‘Either IMPEACH the BUM, or fade into OBLIVION,’ he wrote.”

The Hill: “Bacon said McCarthy, before the August recess, told GOP lawmakers during a conference meeting he was opposed to an impeachment inquiry and needed more direct evidence pointing to the president before launching an investigation. The moderate Republican now wants to know what changed in McCarthy’s perspective.

‘I think it’s gonna be something he’s gonna have to sell us on,’ Bacon said of opening an inquiry. ‘Because when we … before we went on break, he said he was opposed to an inquiry.’

‘So I just want to know, he’s gonna have to make the case exactly what switched,’ he added.”