House Republicans Introduce Plan to Cut Health Care, Explode Deficit And Allow Tax Giveaways to Ultra-Wealthy

The House Freedom Caucus’s latest proposal released today makes House Republicans’ plans clear: they want to make devastating cuts to programs working families rely on, as well as our national security and community safety, kill American manufacturing jobs, and with no deficit reduction – all so the ultra-wealthy can avoid paying their fair share.  

House Republicans’ blueprint would make devastating cuts to programs Americans rely on all while helping make it easier for billionaires and corporations to avoid paying their taxes. 

Washington Post: “The far-right caucus… also targeted the roughly $80 billion recently approved to help the Internal Revenue Service pursue tax cheats… That move could add to the deficit”

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: “House GOP’s First Bill: A Misleading Gambit to Protect Interests of Wealthy Tax Cheats”

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: “IRS Funding Repeal Could Cost Over $100 Billion, Encourage Tax Cheating”

Washington Post: “The ultimatum from the House Freedom Caucus — led by Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) — threatened to deal a massive blow to government health care, education, science and labor programs. Seeking tougher work requirements on welfare recipients and the repeal of federal funds to fight coronavirus and climate change, the conservatives’ wish list appeared to complicate the work to clinch a deal and avert a looming fiscal calamity.” 

Republican proposals could also ship manufacturing jobs overseas and make us less competitive with China by rolling back key investments.

CNBC: “Inflation Reduction Act has spurred 100,000 new green jobs so far: Here’s where they are”

Bloomberg: “The group also is demanding an end to Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, rescinding unspent Covid funds, and rescinding both the $80 billion expansion of the Internal Revenue Service enacted last year and climate change spending from the Inflation Reduction Act.”

Extreme Republican plans could also increase health care premiums for millions of Americans and cut Medicare, forcing seniors to pay more. 

Kaiser Family Foundation: “The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act will extend temporary subsidies, preventing out-of-pocket premium payments from rising across the board next year for virtually all 13 million subsidized enrollees.”

New York Times: “The Republican Study Committee, a group that includes 173 of the 222 Republican House members, has offered a fairly detailed plan… The committee also relies on significant reductions in Social Security and Medicare to erase the deficit.”

Meanwhile, President Biden’s budget would reduce the deficit by nearly $3 trillion over the next decade while protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare and investing in America. 

AP: “Biden budget aims to cut deficits nearly $3T over 10 years”

Bloomberg: “Biden to Urge 25% Billionaire Tax, Levies on Rich Investors”