House Republicans Roll Out The Red Carpet for Party Leader Donald Trump

House Republicans are showing they just can’t get enough of Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda. Not only are they pushing for dangerously out-of-touch priorities, today, House Republicans are welcoming the defeated former president with open arms to fundraise for them.

Today, the NRCC is rolling out the red carpet for their party leader Donald Trump:

Dallas Morning News: “Donald Trump will headline Dallas fundraiser for House GOP on May 9”

This is just the latest evidence that Trump remains the de facto party leader, after Kevin McCarthy rolled over to appease the defeated former president, and RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel has continued to tout the strength of Trump’s endorsements: 

New York Times Opinion: “There’s No Reason to Think Republicans Are Ready to Move on From Trump”

CNN: “Donald Trump has Kevin McCarthy right where he wants him”

Washington Post: “Trump’s public support was the most crucial piece of McCarthy’s effort, with the president publicly forgiving McCarthy for initially calling for his censure and saying he had a responsibility for the attack…People close to Trump, however, say the former president also sees the controversy as increasing his leverage over the would-be House speaker.”

With Donald Trump as their leader, the Republican Party is pushing a dangerous MAGA agenda, and President Biden and Democrats will make sure every voter knows what’s at stake in November:

Politico: “Biden: MAGA is the ‘most extreme political organization’ in recent U.S. history”

ABC News: “Biden railed against what he called an ‘ultra-MAGA agenda’ that he said would raise taxes on ‘working families’ and ‘working-class folks.’ It was some of the sharpest political rhetoric the president has used to engage with his predecessor and the party Trump continues to dominate.”

The Hill: “President Biden in a speech Wednesday assailed Republicans for embracing what he described as an ‘extreme’ agenda, seeking to contrast the GOP’s economic vision for the country with his own in perhaps his most pointed criticisms of Republicans ahead of the midterm elections.”