Huffington Post: Voters Say Health Care Is A Top Issue In The 2018 Election

Gun issues are also drawing substantial attention.


By Ariel Edwards-Levy


Heading into the midterm elections, American voters are more likely to say they’re focused about health care than any other issue.


Asked to select their top two issues from a list in a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, 30 percent of registered voters picked health care. An unusual trio of issues is tied for second place, with each named by about a quarter of voters as a top priority ― the economy, which perpetually ranks as a top campaign topic, but also gun policies, which rarely garner that level of attention, and immigration, a mainstay of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.


This far from the election, of course, there’s still plenty of time for campaign narratives to develop and change. Voters’ midterm preferences are often driven more by partisanship than by policy, and this time around, Trump’s presence is likely to cast a heavy shadow over the results. But if health care plays a prominent role in this year’s election, as multiple polls have suggested it may, it’s another way the 2018 playing field could advantage Democrats.